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Social Grants Payments

Epupa Investment Technology (Proprietary) Limited herein after referred to as Epupa, is a people based and technologically enabled Company, created for the provision of financial and technological solutions to various sectors of the economy. Epupa was duly incorporated in the Republic of Namibia as a private commercial business entity in 2004. Since its formation Epupa has provided seamless financial and technological solution to both private and public sectors. Since2010, Epupa has used its technology and security platform to amongst other projects manage the dispensation of monthly cash payments under the Basic State Grants and Allowances Scheme on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Namibia.

Epupa is wholly owned and managed by historically disadvantaged Namibians. As a modern and versatile commercial entity, Epupa’s ownership, management and operations are characterized by a fair share of gender representation at shareholding, director leadership and staffing levels. Epupa is led by seasoned corporate executives who are accountable to a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors consist of a good balance between experience, youth, business acumen, professional background, and skills variety. The board adheres to the leading corporate governance practices as prescribed by various codes. Epupa has grown from less than ten employees during its formative years to over 120 employees country wide.


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Epupa, through its cutting edge, innovative technology platform and dedicated workforce will improve the lives, meet, and exceed the needs of all our customers.

Core Value

Respect for People and Human Dignity, Hard work & Commitment, Integrity and Honesty, Fairness and Equality, Transparency, Humility.

Strategic Pillars


Sustainable Growth


Customer Experience




Operational Efficiency


Performance Driven Culture

As a people based and technologically enabled organisation, we have honed our capabilities to become one of the best Namibian financial services management and technological solutions providers. Our abilities to assemble highly effective teams, form mutually collaborative and successfully delivering for projects partnerships, mobilise resources and develop robust processes has been successfully proven with the current Basic State Grants management contract, Automatic Teller Dispensing Systems, mass enrolment, registrations, proof of life verification and issuance of biometric based smartcards to customers and database management services.

We are highly geared towards the provision of solutions that not only meet but exceed the needs of our clients. We are constantly in pursuit of long-term relationships with our customers and stakeholders through excellent service delivery, innovation, professionalism, and efficient turnaround times. Our ethos drives us to render superior and sustainable financial solutions.

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